Systems Design

"God does not play dice with the universe." - Albert Einstein 
"God does play dice with the universe." - Stephen Hawking

Reengineering The Universe
Systems design is all about understanding what a given system does, then working to understand why it does that.

The big challenge is that one's own point of view (or frame of reference, as physicists would call it) determines what one is capable of seeing. You can't see something you refuse to look at.

Thus, the challenge in systems engineering is to first understand one's own frame of reference, so that one's blind spots are mapped out and thereby rendered irrelevant.

Once the frame of reference is mapped and understood, one can look clearly at the system under examination, and see it as it actually is. Only with this understanding can the system be successfully optimized.

Einstein was unable to accept quantum physics, even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, because his frame of reference did not allow him to really see that evidence.

What systems are there in your world that aren't working as they should? Where are you wasting time and energy, the only two things in the universe that are irreplacable?